acrylic paint & medium on panels, 28.5" x 26" 2013

I’m fascinated with the boundaries between photography and painting. I like to circle around stories that are remembered in photographs and render them with layers of paint.

I paint as a way to get my bearings and make my way forward.  I navigate by revisiting forgotten stories reported in the press: like the Andre Arctic Balloon Expedition of 1897, Marmaduke Wetherell’s 1934 tabloid-sponsored jaunt to the shores of Loch Ness, or the Auca Five missionaries slain in the Amazon in 1957.  Painting images of these actors and their time opens up surprising and penetrating connections to the here and now. 

It’s not nostalgia that animates my efforts—but casting the shadows of an distant event onto this present moment.


The Year of the Monster. A short vid of recent paintings from images from 1933 - that reflects the year that the Loch Ness Monster caught fire in the press. The work embraces flimflam, tabloid sensationalism and something of the substance of a legend lurking just under the surface.  


Process And What I Paint (1:08 sec)



Bodies in a River (6:16 sec.)


James M. Young Mural Comission at Arena Theater, Wheaton College, IL. (3:30 sec.)

Jimma from Bradford Johnson on Vimeo.