acrylic paint & medium on panels, 28.5" x 26" 2013

I'm fascinated with the boundaries between photography and painting. I find delight in criss crossing the line between both -  embedding an "objective" photographic backstory in the lush materialistic subjectivity of a painted experience.

Recollection is very important to me. My more recent work circles around forgotten sensational stories in the press - like an audacious 1897 balloon flight over the North Pole, a 1934 tabloid sponsored expedition on the shores of Loch Ness in or a tragic evangelical mission to the Amazon in 1957. These are media-shaped stories of the self-confident and sincere that I retell through a prism of images grounded in their time.

It's not nostalgia that animates my efforts but following a question of what is real and what is illusion. It's work that keeps my eyes peeled for wonderful outlandishness lurking just beneath the surface.

 Process - why I paint stories. (68 sec.)

Jimma from Bradford Johnson on Vimeo.


Spaces Between the Splendor from Bradford Johnson on Vimeo.