acrylic paint & medium on panels, 28.5" x 26" 2013

This site holds my 25-year fascination for the boundaries between photography and painting. I've intentionally criss-crossed the lines between both  - fusing their qualities into a single painted image. I'm after a picture that has the objective sense of a photograph with all the lush concrete subjectivity of painting.

Loss and recollection of the past haunts me. So my work's come to focus on largely forgotten sensational stories in the press - like an audacious 1897 balloon flight over the North Pole, a theatrical expedition on the shores of Loch Ness in 1934, or a dramatic Evangelical mission to the Amazon in 1957. These are stories that cronicle the self-confident and often sincere aspirations of individuals who sought to make history.

I love developing open ended approaches in my painting which allows for recovery of distant stories and re-imagins new contexts.

Spaces Between the Splendor from Bradford Johnson on Vimeo.